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GIGA PUMP Team Rebrands to Launch Aerogogo, Aspires to Become Experts in Wireless Inflation


SAN JOSE, Calif., April 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — GIGA PUMP, one of the most successful inflatable pump product lines in the industry, proudly announces the integration of its entire product range into the newly crafted inflatable product brand, Aerogogo. Aerogogo aims to establish itself as the leading professional brand in the wireless inflation category.

Aerogogo Empowering Effortless Inflation: Your Cordless Companion for Life's Easy Moments
Aerogogo Empowering Effortless Inflation: Your Cordless Companion for Life’s Easy Moments

The term "Aerogogo" derives from "Aerodynamic," based on fundamental theories and ongoing research in aerodynamics. The Aerogogo team is dedicated to developing lighter and more convenient inflatable products to meet the daily needs of consumers. Leveraging proprietary research, including dual parallel winding motors, nine-tailed fox curved fan blades, and multi-point heat dissipation design models, Aerogogo has developed a series of wireless air pumps to suit various pressure requirements for inflatable products.

Currently, Aerogogo’s most popular wireless air pump products include:

Aerogogo GIGA PUMP 4.0: A 3-in-1 Ultimate Air Pump for Outdoor and Indoor Usage. Originally a star product in the GIGA PUMP series, it garnered support from over 3000 backers on the Kickstarter platform, thanks to its exceptional performance of weighing just 100g and delivering high pressure of 4kPa.

Aerogogo GIGA PUMP 17: A 2.5X Speed Wireless Pump for Air Beds and Air Boats. Utilizing cutting-edge brushless motor technology with a speed of up to 80,000 RPM, it inflates products at a faster rate. It can inflate an airboat in 1.5 minutes and a Queen-sized air bed in 3 minutes, making it ideal for both outdoor and indoor use.

Aerogogo GIGA PUMP 80: The Ultimate Portable Pump for Air Tents. With a flow rate of up to 30L/min and pressure reaching 70kPa, it can effortlessly inflate large air tents, weighing only 650g and featuring a built-in lithium battery. It significantly aids outdoor camping enthusiasts by freeing their hands from complex tent setups.

In addition to integrating the GIGA PUMP series products as external air pump categories, Aerogogo synergistically merges pump technology with inflatable products, thereby expanding its portfolio to encompass a diverse array of home and outdoor inflatables. These inflatable products feature auto-inflating and deflating capabilities, offering unparalleled convenience and ease of use. Examples include the custom Aerogogo Tesla Model Y Shield automatic inflatable mattress, which has been warmly welcomed by Tesla Model Y owners worldwide, and the Air Furniture series, featuring automatic inflatable sofas and sleeping beds for temporary outdoor or indoor rest/sleep needs. The Air Tent series combines innovative exterior design with reliable inflation technology, offering a new experience for outdoor camping.

The successful integration of the GIGA PUMP series products has greatly propelled Aerogogo’s journey. Moving forward, Aerogogo will build upon the foundation laid by GIGA PUMP, further advancing fundamental research in inflation technology and continuously updating and iterating on its products to meet all consumer inflation needs, thereby enhancing the convenience of consumers’ daily lives.

Source : GIGA PUMP Team Rebrands to Launch Aerogogo, Aspires to Become Experts in Wireless Inflation

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