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A Look at Thailand’s Position in the 2024 Emerging Asia Manufacturing Index


The EAMI 2024 report, conducted by Dezan Shira & Associates, evaluates the manufacturing landscape in Asia. The report forecasts a decrease in Thailand’s economic growth attributed to high levels of household debt. Conversely, Indonesia is implementing incentives to promote the manufacturing of electric vehicles, aiming to boost its economy and attract investment in the sector.

In the 2024 Emerging Asia Manufacturing Index, Thailand’s position is under scrutiny. The country faces economic challenges, particularly regarding its household debt levels. The report suggests a potential slowdown in the economy due to these factors, highlighting the need for strategic measures to navigate future uncertainties in the manufacturing sector.

Meanwhile, Indonesia’s proactive approach towards promoting electric vehicle production is highlighted in the report. The country’s incentives for manufacturers in this industry aim to stimulate economic growth and encourage investment. This strategic move reflects Indonesia’s commitment to advancing its manufacturing capabilities and capturing opportunities in the global market for electric vehicles.

Source link : A Look at Thailand’s Position in the 2024 Emerging Asia Manufacturing Index

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