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Significant Case Intake Efficiencies Found in Newly Launched Life Sciences Generative AI Solution


Advanced Intake™ demonstrates up to 65% efficiency gains in adverse case intake and 90% data extraction accuracy and quality

BOSTON, April 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — ArisGlobal, an innovative life sciences technology company and creator of LifeSphere®, today revealed details about its Advanced Intake solution powered by LifeSphere NavaX, the company’s next-generation advanced cognitive computing engine. Advanced Intake automates the collection of Safety data and downstream workflows.

In the face of soaring volumes of data coming from multiple, diverse sources, Advanced Intake leverages the latest intelligent automation technologies, including Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs), to revolutionize adverse event (AE) intake.

As demonstrated in early pilots, Advanced Intake delivers up to 65% efficiency gains and shows 90% data extraction accuracy and quality.

Advanced Intake features Dynamic Data Extraction, meaning the system can intelligently process forms regardless of number, variation, or formatting inconsistencies. With Dynamic Data Extraction, no configuration of forms is required. The traditional, manual process of case processing that has been required previously, to account for variability, is revolutionized with Advanced Intake, increasing efficiency in the overall handling of AE case data.

Organizations leveraging Advanced Intake gain added benefits such as:

  • Access to cutting-edge innovations – Organizations looking to leverage automation, GenAI, and Large Language Models (LLMs) in meaningful business contexts now have access to Advanced Intake to drive tangible results.
  • System-agnostic integration – Layer Advanced Intake on top of existing safety databases via open architecture and seamless integrations with third-party safety systems. So even where organizations do not leverage LifeSphere MultiVigilance they can they can benefit from Advanced Intake.
  • Expedited deployment within 6-8 months – Value is derived sooner via rapid deployment process and availability of pre-validated, production-ready automation.

Commenting on the importance of Advanced Intake to the industry, Ann-Marie Orange, CIO and Global Head of R&D at ArisGlobal, said: "The life sciences industry is crying out for practical applications and technological expertise around GenAI, and ArisGlobal is poised to meet these needs. Advanced Intake is one example of innovation we’re delivering to meet this demand – organizations can both overcome growing case volumes and meets challenges of struggling to find seamless, easy to deploy technologies that deliver proven value.

"Specifically, pharma companies have been asking for more modern and efficient ways to execute case intake/safety data collection. Our ArisGlobal team is enthusiastic not only about bringing Advanced Intake to market, but also that we are able to get it into sandbox for our customers within weeks. We have long partnered with our customers to be trailblazers in smart pharmacovigilance, and this product launch is another milestone in creating a full toolkit of intelligent, integrated capabilities as part of the LifeSphere ecosystem."

ArisGlobal, which announced a series of product innovations at its recent Breakthrough2024 conference in London, UK, is the first life sciences R&D technology company to unveil targeted solutions that make impactful use of Generative AI in the industry. Meanwhile, the company continues to host the industry-leading GenAI Council, convening top pharmaceutical executives, academia, and AI thought leaders to further fuel adoption of next-generation technologies across life sciences.

About ArisGlobal
ArisGlobal, an innovative life sciences technology company and creator of LifeSphere®, is transforming the way today’s most successful life sciences companies develop breakthroughs and bring new products to market. Headquartered in the United States, ArisGlobal has regional offices in Europe, India, Japan, and China. For more updates, follow ArisGlobal on LinkedIn or visit

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