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TAT’s CF-Hotels Initiative: A Step Towards Sustainable Tourism


Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is promoting the CF-Hotels initiative to combat climate change by encouraging hotel operators and tourists to participate. The initiative offers an online platform to help hotels monitor their carbon footprint, enhance sustainability practices, and potentially earn STAR certification. By engaging in this project, the hospitality industry and travelers can make a significant contribution towards reducing environmental impacts and promoting responsible tourism practices.

The CF-Hotels initiative underscores TAT’s dedication to promoting sustainable tourism in Thailand. The online platform provided through the initiative allows hotels to track and improve their environmental performance, helping them to lessen their carbon footprint. This initiative not only benefits the environment but also offers potential rewards for hotels through the possibility of earning STAR certification, which signifies a commitment to sustainable practices and responsible tourism efforts.

Taking part in the CF-Hotels initiative represents a valuable opportunity for both hotel operators and tourists to actively participate in efforts to combat climate change. By implementing sustainable practices and monitoring their impact on the environment, hotels can contribute to reducing their carbon footprint and promoting eco-friendly tourism. Through this initiative, TAT aims to encourage the hospitality industry and travelers alike to embrace sustainable practices and support initiatives that prioritize environmental conservation.

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