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Third Quarter 2023 Asia Transfer Pricing Brief


Global clean energy job opportunities surge with China accounting for more than half of the growth, sparking concern over workforce shortages.

The Global Energy Job Surge

The worldwide energy sector is experiencing a growth in job openings propelled by clean technologies, with China leading the way. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), clean energy jobs reached 67 million globally in 2022, with the solar PV sector employing 4 million jobs and electric vehicles and batteries experiencing rapid growth.

Asia’s Renewable Energy Growth

A report by Zero Carbon Analytics revealed that Asia is contributing significantly to global energy capacity, with China, India, and Vietnam leading the way. However, the region still accounts for 51% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Meanwhile, the IEA warned of a skilled labor shortage in the energy sector, urging policymakers to prioritize job training for the transition to clean energy.

Source link : Third Quarter 2023 Asia Transfer Pricing Brief by China Watch

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