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Thailand’s cannabis industry threatened by legalization rollback


The future of Thailand’s cannabis industry hangs in the balance as the government debates whether to restrict the plant to medical use only. Although marijuana was legalized for medicinal purposes in June 2022, there are currently no specific laws governing its cultivation and sale, leading to the emergence of a recreational cannabis industry. Thailand was the first country in Southeast Asia to decriminalize marijuana, but the newly appointed Prime Minister has indicated that it will likely only be permitted for medical use. This decision has sparked concerns among cannabis vendors, who fear the loss of their businesses.

Many individuals have registered with the government to grow cannabis, and thousands of vendors have opened throughout the country. However, plans to classify cannabis as a medical product may result in stricter regulations that could impact the livelihoods of those in the industry. Some cannabis activists are advocating for responsible access to the plant, while others worry that only a few large corporations will benefit from the new regulations. The outcome of Thailand’s deliberations will have significant implications for the future of its cannabis industry.

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