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Thailand Steps Up Efforts to Combat Counterfeit Goods


The Department of Intellectual Property (DIP) in Thailand has reported that the country still struggles with enforcing intellectual property rights and protecting innovation from piracy and infringement. In 2019, the DIP estimates that counterfeit goods seized in Thailand had a value of over 2.5 billion baht, which is approximately 75 million US dollars. This indicates that the issue of counterfeit goods continues to be a significant problem in the country.

As a response to this ongoing challenge, Thailand has been stepping up its efforts to combat counterfeit goods. The government has been working towards stricter enforcement of intellectual property rights in order to protect innovation and prevent piracy and infringement. These efforts are crucial for fostering a fair and competitive marketplace that supports and encourages genuine innovation and creativity.

Given the significant value of counterfeit goods seized in 2019, it is clear that Thailand’s efforts to combat this issue are of great importance. By continuing to prioritize the enforcement of intellectual property rights and the protection of innovation, the country aims to create a more secure and fair marketplace that benefits both businesses and consumers.

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