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TAT invites top Chinese influencers to an exclusive trip in Thailand


The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) held a welcome reception for Chinese influencers visiting Thailand as part of the ‘Amazing Festive & Exclusive Trip in Thailand’ program. The event, called ‘A Picnic Celebration at the Museum,’ aimed to showcase meaningful travel experiences and highlight safety measures for tourists. The influencers are participating in bespoke itineraries that emphasize Thai cultural values and promote Thailand as a safe destination for travelers.

The reception was part of TAT’s efforts to attract more Chinese tourists and to strengthen Thailand’s reputation as a top travel destination. The influencers will have the opportunity to explore the country and share their experiences with their followers, promoting the unique cultural experiences and emphasizing the safety of travel in Thailand. The reception was a way for TAT to engage with these influencers and emphasize the importance of meaningful travel experiences and safety for tourists in Thailand.

The ‘Amazing Festive & Exclusive Trip in Thailand’ program is part of TAT’s ongoing efforts to promote Thailand as a top travel destination and to attract more tourists, particularly from China. By hosting the welcome reception and showcasing meaningful travel experiences, TAT is working to reinforce Thailand’s image as a safe and culturally rich destination for travelers.

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