Sunday, March 3, 2024

TAT announces new ‘Monopoly: Bangkok Edition’


The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has announced that Bangkok will have its own Monopoly board game in 2024, following the success of Phuket and Chiang Mai editions. The game will feature the city’s cultural sites, landmarks, and businesses, with public input being sought for its content. Furthermore, a Bangkok edition of the card game Top Trumps will also be released. The TAT is seeking suggestions from the public to ensure that the game represents the unique stories of the city and provides an engaging experience for players. This initiative aims to promote tourism and showcase the vibrant culture of Bangkok to a global audience.

The upcoming Monopoly: Bangkok Edition will highlight the city’s rich cultural heritage and unique landmarks, serving as a digital tool to educate and entertain players about the local culture and history. Both tourists and residents will have the opportunity to contribute their suggestions for the game, ensuring that it accurately represents the essence of Bangkok. In addition, the release of a Bangkok edition of the popular card game Top Trumps will further enhance the gaming experience, allowing players to explore and compare different aspects of the city.

Overall, the introduction of Monopoly: Bangkok Edition and the Bangkok edition of Top Trumps reflects the TAT’s commitment to promoting tourism in Thailand and highlighting the country’s diverse attractions. By engaging the public in the development of these games, the TAT aims to create an authentic and engaging experience that showcases the unique stories and cultural heritage of Bangkok. This initiative is expected to contribute to the growth of tourism in the city and elevate Bangkok’s status as a premier global destination.

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