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TAT and Grab launch promotional campaign for secondary cities


The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and Grab Thailand have teamed up to launch the “Amazing Thailand, Travel with Grab” campaign. This initiative is designed to promote domestic tourism by showcasing popular tourist destinations as well as emerging secondary cities. By partnering with Grab, TAT hopes to encourage more people to explore the diverse attractions that Thailand has to offer.

The campaign involves promoting various attractions and activities in both well-known tourist spots and lesser-known secondary cities. By using Grab’s platform, travelers will have easy access to transportation services while exploring these destinations. Through this collaboration, TAT aims to attract more visitors and boost tourism in both established and emerging areas across Thailand.

With the support of Grab Thailand, the “Amazing Thailand, Travel with Grab” campaign is set to raise awareness about the country’s diverse tourism offerings. By shining a spotlight on secondary cities, TAT hopes to drive interest and encourage more people to venture beyond traditional tourist hotspots. Through strategic partnerships and innovative marketing strategies, TAT is working to grow the tourism industry in Thailand and support local businesses in both well-established and up-and-coming destinations.

Source link : TAT and Grab launch promotional campaign for secondary cities

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