Sunday, March 3, 2024

Taiwan’s democracy thrives under the shadow of China


Authorities are tightening security to stop people from critiquing Chinese government ahead of regional People’s Congresses. Black jails are used for unlawful disciplinary actions.

**Tightening Security Ahead of People’s Congresses**

Authorities in China are taking new security precautions as regional People’s Congresses approach. They have dispatched “interceptors” to prevent any attempts to lodge petitions. Petitioners are reporting being detained and taken back to their hometowns. Black jails for unofficial detention and harassment are frequently reported by petitioners, who also face physical abuse and detention during high-level political events.

**Increased Security Measures and Detentions Around China**

China’s People’s Congresses are coming to various provinces this month. *Petitioners report being stopped and detained by authorities, with many being taken back to their hometowns.* Security guards and police are also turning up to intimidate and intercept anyone trying to petition local governments during this sensitive period. Local governments are even laying off police, instead sending in local militias and neighborhood officials as part of intense “stability maintenance” operations.

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