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SEC to restrict access to unlicensed digital asset service platforms (SEC News)


The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Department of Enforcement (DE) have joined forces to crack down on unauthorized digital asset platforms, with the aim of preventing money laundering and cybercrime. Investors are warned to withdraw their assets from unlicensed platforms and to proceed with caution when dealing with digital assets. To find a list of licensed operators, individuals can visit the SEC’s official website for more information on trusted platforms.

The collaboration between the SEC and the Ministry of DE highlights the growing concern over unauthorized digital asset service providers and the need to protect investors from potential risks. By restricting access to unlicensed platforms, the authorities are taking proactive measures to safeguard against financial crimes and cyber threats in the digital asset sector. Investors are encouraged to stay informed and vigilant to avoid falling victim to fraudulent activities.

The SEC’s initiative to limit access to unlicensed digital asset platforms underscores the importance of regulation and oversight in the cryptocurrency market. By working together with other government agencies, the SEC aims to create a safer environment for investors and to promote transparency in the industry. Individuals are urged to only use licensed operators when engaging in digital asset transactions to ensure the security of their assets and to reduce the risk of financial harm.

Source link : SEC to restrict access to unlicensed digital asset service platforms (SEC News)

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