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SEC ask for revocation of Zipmex digital asset business license


The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has requested the revocation of Zipmex’s digital asset business license, citing potential violations of regulations. This means that Zipmex may face business suspension and will need to return assets to its clients or follow their requests while the revocation process is underway. As long as Zipmex continues its operations, it must adhere to these requirements to comply with the SEC’s directive.

The SEC’s request for the revocation of Zipmex’s license highlights the regulator’s concerns about the company’s compliance with digital asset regulations. Zipmex is now required to take appropriate actions to address these issues, including returning assets to clients and following their instructions. Failure to comply with these requirements could result in further regulatory action against the company.

It is essential for Zipmex to cooperate with the SEC in this process to ensure a smooth transition and to demonstrate its commitment to compliance with regulatory requirements. By following the SEC’s directives and returning assets to clients as needed, Zipmex can work towards resolving any regulatory issues and potentially regaining its license in the future.

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