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Xinhua Silk Road: State Grid Yantai initiates multiple measures to ramp up NEV facilitation in rural area


BEIJING, Jan. 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — State Grid Yantai Power Supply Company has built 10 charging piles and 20 charging guns to better meet the charging needs and comprehensively promote a high-quality charging infrastructure system construction Thursday.

Photo shows company staff working on a charging site (Photo provided by State Grid Yantai Power Supply Company)

In order to further facilitate new energy vehicles(NEV) consumption in countryside, since the beginning of this year, State Grid Yantai conducted in-depth research on NEV charge demand in countryside areas, and sorted out the operation status of charging facilities in 113 power supply stations in the city, so as to speed up the construction and layout of charging piles in township  without covering public charging piles.

Besides, State Grid Yantai has continuously completed and put into operation a number of power grid reinforcement projects, which significantly enhanced the power supply capacity. Focusing on the construction of a modern rural energy system, a three-year campaign compiled by the company to upgrade the rural power grid has been launched, which will effectively meet the grid-connected demand for charging infrastructure in rural areas.

As of now, State Grid Yantai has built a total of 286 electric vehicle charging stations and 1,206 charging piles, covering 14 counties and cities in Yantai, realizing full coverage of charging stations in counties and charging piles in towns, with an annual charging capacity of more than 50 million kilowatt hours.

In the next step, State Grid Yantai will give full play to the marketization, and further optimize DC public piles layout in township and strive to achieve full coverage of DC charging piles in towns by the end of 2024.

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Source : Xinhua Silk Road: State Grid Yantai initiates multiple measures to ramp up NEV facilitation in rural area

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