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USHOPAL Group leads new investment round of Chinese high-end fragrance brand DOCUMENTS


SHANGHAI, China, Jan. 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On January 5, 2024, USHOPAL GROUP (hereinafter referred to as USHOPAL), a leading luxury beauty and retail group in China, announced its lead investment in the new multi-million dollar round of financing of high-end Chinese fragrance brand, DOCUMENTS, readying for the global stage. This investment represents USHOPAL’s first equity investment in a Chinese domestic brand. This move further confirms the significant position of Chinese brands in USHOPAL’s business layout and underscores the strategic deployment of Chinese beauty brands in USHOPAL’s future investments. Investing in DOCUMENTS indicates USHOPAL’s commitment to providing DOCUMENTS with more international exposure and dialogue opportunities with global brand leaders.


As the founder and CEO of USHOPAL, Lu Guo, expressed, ‘USHOPAL only collaborates with the world’s top-tier brand teams. Over the past years, the company has actively sought outstanding Chinese high-end beauty brands. The investment in DOCUMENTS marks USHOPAL’s first venture into the domestic market, signifying our belief that China has produced brands capable of stepping onto the global stage.’ The management team at USHOPAL also stated, ‘When evaluating brands and founding teams, we consider factors such as the maturity of brand positioning, effectiveness of emotional communication, consistency and stability in product development, and most importantly, the unique artistic expression and brand personality. DOCUMENTS is one of the very few Chinese brands that can compete with global high-end brands in these aspects.

Zhaoran Meng, the founder of DOCUMENTS, stated, "DOCUMENTS has always aimed to awaken sensory resonance among urban residents and communicate the contemporary taste of Chinese people’s lifestyles through novel and profound olfactory experiences. Accepting investment from USHOPAL this time, we hope to leverage its professional expertise and leading position to strengthen our brand’s creative advantages in aesthetics. Additionally, we aim to gain more benefits in global channels, business operations, and supply chain management, working towards enhancing competitiveness and evolving into a more visionary international brand.


USHOPAL Group was established in 2017, and within a few short years since its inception, it has successfully managed and operated several internationally renowned beauty brands in China, including Chantecaille, 111SKIN, SUQQU, Juliette Has A Gun, and others. The group has also made multiple investments in globally influential high-end beauty brands. In 2022 and 2023, USHOPAL completed the acquisition of the top British skincare brand ARgENTUM, and the French luxury fragrance brand Juliette Has A Gun. Additionally, it invested in several well-known international brands, including the leading Japanese DTC men’s brand BULK HOMME. These strategic moves have enabled USHOPAL to build a diverse portfolio of high-end beauty brands, covering skincare, cosmetics, perfumes, maternity and baby care, and men’s grooming.


DOCUMENTS is the first high-end fragrance brand in China to receive venture capital from L’Oréal. pioneers the "Bold-Zen" style, and cooperates with world-class fragrance companies to launch series of fragrances with perfume ratios ranging from 15% to 40%, as well as several diverse fragrance product series, with the mission of ‘creating unforgettable profound fragrances that help people be smelled and remembered’, combining traditional Oriental culture with contemporary design aesthetics. DOCUMENTS has now already opened directly operated stores in prime locations of the top cities nationwide in China, showcasing the new strength of contemporary Chinese brands to the world by unique and profound sensory experiences.

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Source : USHOPAL Group leads new investment round of Chinese high-end fragrance brand DOCUMENTS

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