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TRIPLE Korea Offers Exclusive Benefits for Travelers to Korea for Golden Week


  • TRIPLE Korea, platform optimized for independent travel through Korea, strengthens positioning as the ‘go-to partner for Korean travels’ in celebration of the Golden Week season 
  • Collaborates with popular influencers to introduce personalized information and features for Gen Z, launches "Korea Travel Essentials for 100 Yen" event.

SEOUL, South Korea, April 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — TRIPLE Korea, a Korean travel platform operated by InterparkTriple (CEO Hwi-young Chae)’, is offering exclusive benefits for visitors traveling to Korea for Golden Week.

TRIPLE Korea Offers Exclusive Benefits for Travelers to Korea for Golden Week
TRIPLE Korea Offers Exclusive Benefits for Travelers to Korea for Golden Week

TRIPLE Korea, a travel platform recently launched by InterparkTriple, Korea’s leading travel and entertainment company, provides free information and services for Japanese travelers from the travel preparation stage to needs during their stay in Korea. Additionally, the platform introduces features optimized for independent travel in Korea, providing real-time recommendations for attractions based on the user’s location. In celebration of the Golden Week season, TRIPLE Korea is rolling out tailored content for Japanese travelers with enhanced customer benefits to establish itself as an essential app for travel to Korea.

First, in collaboration with the Japanese lifestyle commerce platform ‘nugu,’ TRIPLE Korea will introduce its main features that cater to trends among the Japanese Gen Z. Popular influencers from ‘nugu,’ such as AKARI and HIROKI, will use Triple Korea to travel to Korea and share their experiences of using the app along with their personal tips. Moreover, various influencers that produce content on individual interests like restaurants, fashion, and beauty will share their Korean travel experience in TRIPLE Korea’s magazine along with numerous social media channels.

TRIPLE Korea is offering abundant benefits to Japanese tourists who are planning their trips to Korea for Golden Week. Until May 6th (Monday), TRIPLE Korea will run a ‘100 Yen Shop’ promotion, allowing new members to purchase essential items for their Korea trip for just 100 yen, including products such as K-pass transportation passes and CU convenience store vouchers, to ensure that members can seamlessly prepare for their trips.

Younjung Kim, Chief Product Officer at InterparkTriple, remarked, "We’ve planned this collaboration and promotion to offer a more convenient and joyful travel experience to our Japanese customers that will be seeking out Korea during Japan’s Golden." She continued, "Leveraging our robust domestic and international networks and technological edge, we’re committed to delivering unique travel content and services, aiming to be the go-to partner for travelers to Korea."

Source : TRIPLE Korea Offers Exclusive Benefits for Travelers to Korea for Golden Week

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