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Transforming the Landscape of Sportswear with Haute Couture, Chanel's haute-couture Director Christelle Kocher joins Jelenew to Launch the First Curated Collection


Explore the World on the Wings of Speed and Courage

WILMINGTON, Del., March 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — With a common haute-couture gene and a shared pursuit and understanding of sports, the female sports brand Jelenew has signed Christelle Kocher to bring a new season of products. In addition to owning her eponymous brand, Christelle Kocher is also the current Artistic Director of CHANEL’s atelier, MAISON LEMARIÉ.

The Jelenew design team with extensive experience in haute couture techniques, has developed solutions to apparel fitting issues using Jelenew’s proprietary CurveTecâ„¢ technology. This technique not only reduces friction during motion but also provides sufficient muscle protection and power generation. Additionally, Jelenew utilizes curvilinear zoning techniques to match the suitable technical fabrics for different functional areas, creating a smart air conditioning system that addresses temperature and humidity issues. Jelenew prevents friction and discomfort in sensitive areas by utilizing top-notch seamless fitting processes, frictionless flat-stitching, and scientific seam placement. Kocher’s contribution brings the latest design concepts and insights from the haute couture field to Jelenew, integrating her talent in the field of fashion and sports.

Kocher joining forces with Jelenew brings the latest design concepts and the latest technology in the field of haute couture. She also integrates her passion and interpretation of sportswear into Jelenew. This collection draws inspiration from the autobiography of female aviator Beryl Markham, West with the Night. Like cycling, flying is an experience that blends the grandeur of nature with the excitement of speed. The bicycle inspired the Wright brothers to invent the airplane, and now, cycling gives us the courage to experience the world through speed and solitude. Jelenew believes this courage to explore is the fulcrum for people to find balance with their external environment and relationships.

Following author Beryl Markham’s narration, we experience the gravity-defying speed, passing by time and space. Her solo flight journey across the African wilderness transcended the era’s expectations of what a woman should do and be. Through her experience, we converse with all women courageous enough to explore themselves and life’s potential.

Kocher’s collaborative collection with Jelenew explores products inspired by aviation and sportswear elements, extracting deep browns, greens, and oranges from the African landscape, and incorporating classic black, white, and grey contrasts to create a collision of materials and silhouettes. It not only integrates the narrative from the book but also creates a brand-new outlook for Jelenew, taking structural technology and demanding craftsmanship to the field of sports apparel.

Jelenew invites talented creative director from top luxury brands to collaborate in an effort to draw attention to the sport of cycling with unique design ideas. Kocher’s mastery of couture design harmoniously blends diverse design techniques and elements. The elegant white feather helmets she constructed for for Kanye West left a mark in pop culture, her Klimt-style AC Milan jerseys bring a unique touch to women’s luxury brands… Jelenew believes her talent and insights are crucial for an innovative collection inspired by bike racing. Like Thelma and Louise in the movie Thelma & Louise, this partnership announces the initiation of a journey and a new chapter for haute couture cycling and sports apparel.

About Jelenew

elenew is a women’s sportswear brand redefining functionality and aesthetics. Co-founded by Marion Clignet, a former world champion with 30 years of competitive racing experience, and powered by the profound haute couture expertise of top luxury brand designer Christelle Kocher. Jelenew provides sportswear that combines comfort with protection, alongside an expanded lifestyle collection inspired by speed sports, tailored to the varied demands of active women. Leveraging Jelenew’s proprietary CurveTecâ„¢ technology, Marion Clignet founded the "Sprinters Jersey Lab," driving forward industry innovation through a commitment to sports and practical expertise.

To tackle the prevalent issue of cycling wear being predominantly designed with male anatomy, which fails to accommodate the unique contours of the female form, Jelenew taps into the essence of French haute couture. The sophisticated three-dimensional draping techniques ensure a snug fit and adequate support for essential muscle groups, particularly during the dynamic action of pedaling. This meticulous approach not only elevates the cycling experience by enhancing support for the core, back, shoulders, hips, and thighs but also maximizes mobility and eliminates discomfort, adapting seamlessly to a variety of athletic activities. Jelenew goes beyond mere functionality, paying close attention to the aesthetic and detailed preferences of women. By tailoring products to the nuanced curves and the specific physiological and lifestyle needs of women, Jelenew offers a collection that is not only comfortable and protective but also stylishly diverse, catering to the contemporary woman’s desire for sportswear that truly fits and flatters.

Jelenew also collaborates with nonprofit organizations, such as Amfar, the World Women’s Organization in Salt Lake City, Dream Big! in Boston, and the "La Marion Clignet" charity bike ride in France. Jelenew is dedicated to inspiring women worldwide, regardless of nationality, skin color, or age, to harness the physical and mental benefits of sports and an active lifestyle. Jelenew supports each woman’s personal journey while also advocating for broader social equality.


Christelle Kocher’s ascent in the high-end fashion realm is marked by her exceptional artistic talent and a deep understanding of luxury industry dynamics. She honed her skills at some of the most prestigious fashion houses, including Bottega Veneta and Dries Van Noten, where she immersed herself in design innovation and artisanal craftsmanship. In 2010, she joined Chanel as the Artistic Director at Maison Lemarie, one of the world’s most iconic luxury brands, further enhancing her expertise and influence in the fashion industry.

At Chanel, Christelle Kocher weaves an innovative narrative through her role, sculpting the future of haute couture with a blend of reverence for tradition and a pulse on contemporary culture.

Her influence extends beyond aesthetic allure to strategic operations that fortify Chanel’s esteemed position in the high fashion realm.

Source : Transforming the Landscape of Sportswear with Haute Couture, Chanel's haute-couture Director Christelle Kocher joins Jelenew to Launch the First Curated Collection

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