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Systems Spray-Cooled receives order from Hybar


NASHVILLE, Tenn., Jan. 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Hybar, LLC has chosen Systems Spray-Cooled for the supply of Spray-Cooled™ EAF equipment at Hybar’s new rebar steelmaking facility located in Osceola, Arkansas. The new greenfield plant is being built on 1,300 acres in northeast Arkansas. 

Representative Spray-Cooled™ Electric Arc Furnace
Representative Spray-Cooled™ Electric Arc Furnace

The Spray-Cooled™ equipment will cover 100% of Hybar’s furnace cooling needs and will include the furnace sidewall, roof, and elbow. Systems will be providing its new Big Ass Strainer as part of the project that provides improved filtration for longevity of the equipment. Hybar’s decision to purchase and install Spray-Cooled™ equipment was based on being the safest, most maintenance friendly, and ‘greenest’ furnace equipment available. "I have purchased Spray-Cooled technology from The Systems Group on all of my steel mini mill projects over the past twenty years, and I have full confidence that Systems will once again perform at the highest level," said Dave Stickler, Hybar’s Chief Executive Officer.

The Spray-Cooled™ equipment will be proudly manufactured in El Dorado, Arkansas out of USA produced steel.

For product information, go to https://spraycooled.tsg.bz/. For general information, contact The Systems Group at 870-862-1315 (U.S./Canada); email [email protected] web www.tsg.bz.

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Source : Systems Spray-Cooled receives order from Hybar

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