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NEW YORK, April 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Studio Pilates International, has just announced their continued expansion with their 100th studio worldwide, and their 7th US opening in Chanhassen, Minnesota on April 27th, 2024.

The Studio Pilates brand was founded in 2002 by Jade Winter, former Olympic swimmer, alongside his wife, Tanya Winter, a Physical Therapist, who saw a gap in the group fitness space. Given their background in professional sport and physical therapy, they understood the mechanics of the human body more than anyone, which is why Studio Pilates is the safest and most effective reformer Pilates workout on the market.

The Studio Pilates workout is a 40-minute reformer Pilates group class led by skilled and highly attentive instructors. Prioritizing safety and effectiveness, Studio Pilates focuses on low-impact yet high-intensity reformer exercises, ensuring that all clients emerge feeling toned, flexible, and empowered. Designed to accommodate individuals of all ages and fitness levels, every exercise is carefully crafted, allowing for progression or regression as needed.

The luxe studios have reformer Pilates beds, polished hardwood floors and the signature Studio Pilates chandelier – designed to help you tune out external distractions and focus solely on your well-being. The incorporation of AV technology during class showcases each move accompanied by voiceover guidance. This allows instructors to move around the studio, ensuring proper form for safety and maximum results – making their classes feel like one-on-one training, within a fun group environment.

Currently spanning Five Countries – Australia, New Zealand, China, US, and UK – with plans for Canada by mid-2024, Studio Pilates International currently has 99 studios open (with Chanhassen, MN opening this Saturday), with an additional 55 in the pipeline. Boasting a 24% Year-Over-Year Revenue growth from 2022-2023, the brand has hosted 1.5 million workouts worldwide just last year alone.

"We’re excited to announce the opening of our 100th location worldwide, marking a significant milestone in Studio Pilates’ journey, especially within the vibrant US fitness and Pilates community," said Jade Winter, Founder of Studio Pilates. "This moment holds immense significance for us – and we eagerly anticipate the expansion of more to come!"

Studio Pilates International’s expanding Footprint in the US includes the Chanhassen, MN opening on April 27th with 4 more openings through July and August 2024 including:

  • Long Branch, NJ
  • San Juan Capistrano, CA
  • Nashville, TN
  • Arvada West, CO

There are an additional 13 US-based Studios committed to open before the end of 2024 across 9 different states with plans to include 300 more studios over the next 6 years, which will be supported by 3,000 employees.

Studio Pilates offers a variety of class packages to choose from – ranging from a single class up to 100 class packages, with no memberships or lock-in contracts, allowing clients to pay as they go.

For more on Studio Pilates International and the Studio Pilates Chanhassen opening, kindly visit: studiopilates.com/studios/chanhassen and follow along on Instagram at @studio_pilates.


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