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SK keyfoundry, Accelerating Business Transformation to Automotive Power Semiconductors through Offering Enhanced 0.13㎛ BCD Process


SEOUL, South Korea, April 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Key Foundry, an 8-inch pure-play foundry in Korea, announced today that it is offering an enhanced 0.13㎛ BCD process to enable automotive power fabless companies to design high-performance automotive semiconductor products.

SK keyfoundry’s enhanced 0.13㎛ BCD process has met the requirements of AEC-Q100’s Grade-0, reliability test standard for automotive electronic components, and is qualified to be a suitable process for high-performance and high-reliability automotive semiconductors that must withstand the ambient operating temperature up to 150℃. Also, the process offers high-voltage devices up to 120V and implements insulation technology above 15KV at the same time, enabling the design of high-voltage and high-reliability products such as BMS IC, Isolated gate driver IC, DC-DC IC, CAN/LIN transceiver IC for use in electric vehicles. In addition, as high-density Flash memory IP can be used in a high-voltage BCD process, it is a suitable process technology for automotive semiconductors such as Motor Driver IC, LED driver IC, Sensor controller IC, Power Delivery controller IC that require MCU functionality. In particular, Flash IP can be programmed up to 100,000 times, enabling customers to use it extensively for high-performance products that require repeated data changes.

The automotive power semiconductor market is expected to continue to expand macroscopically, driven by the proliferation of electric vehicles and increasing in-vehicle electronics. According to market research firm OMDIA, the automotive power semiconductor market is expected to grow from $20.8 billion in 2023 to $32.5 billion in 2028, at a CAGR of 9.3%.

SK keyfoundry has continued to develop high-performance process technologies suitable for automotive semiconductors, and has passed production quality audits for automotive components from top-tier(Tier-1) global automotive vendors with stringent quality requirements due to its high quality control levels, enabling the company to provide foundry services that meet customer needs while securing high process reliability that can be used in vehicles.

"Despite the limited number of foundries offering automotive power semiconductor processes, we have continued to improve our automotive high-voltage BCD processes with high performance," said Derek D. Lee, CEO of SK keyfoundry, emphasizing the company’s technology development efforts. "With more than 10 years of mass production experience with major automotive fabless companies and the quality of our mass production, we will strongly pursue our business strategy to secure a solid growth base in the 8-inch automotive power semiconductor market in the future."

About SK keyfoundry

Headquartered in Korea, SK keyfoundry provides specialty Analog and Mixed-Signal foundry services for semiconductor companies to serve a wide range of applications in the consumer, communications, computing, automotive and industrial industries. With a broad range of technology portfolios and process nodes, SK keyfoundry has the flexibility and capability to meet the ever-evolving needs of semiconductor companies across the globe. Please visit for more information.

Source : SK keyfoundry, Accelerating Business Transformation to Automotive Power Semiconductors through Offering Enhanced 0.13㎛ BCD Process

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