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SEMIFIVE Collaborates with MetisX in Developing CXL-based Memory Accelerator Chip


Collaboration on prototype design and mass product development with Samsung Foundry’s 4nm process technology

SEOUL, South Korea, April 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — SEMIFIVE, a leading design solution provider and pioneer of platform-based custom silicon solutions, has announced a collaboration with MetisX to develop a Compute Express Link (CXL)-based memory accelerator chip. The aim of this collaboration is to design the prototype and develop the mass product by applying Samsung Foundry’s 4nm process technology, optimized for high-performance computing (HPC).

MetisX is a fabless startup based in South Korea, founded in January 2022. The company specializes in developing CXL Computational Memory, designed to tackle the memory challenges arising in data centers due to increasing data volumes and AI model sizes. Their solution not only expands memory capacity but also integrates intelligence, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs by leveraging CXL standards. MetisX aims to significantly decrease the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for data centers while accelerating applications such as Vector DB, Scaleout DB, Graph DB, and DNA analysis. Positioned as a pioneering company in memory technology, MetisX holds the potential to reshape the future landscape of data center infrastructure.

SEMIFIVE, a company specializing in SoC platforms and ASIC design solutions, develops SoC design platforms expert for AI chips. To date, it has developed 3 SoC design platforms and has entered the mass production of 3 products by using these platforms. By breaking away from the role of traditional design house and developing their own SoC platforms, SEMIFIVE can enable customers to reduce the cost and time in developing SoC.

"We are delighted to announce our collaboration with SEMIFIVE, offering SoC platform and comprehensive ASIC design solutions, and Samsung Foundry, providing advanced process technologies for production," said Jin Kim, CEO of MetisX. "The solutions resulting from this partnership will significantly decrease the cost and time associated with data center operations, effectively tackling the challenges posed by data explosion in the AI era. Leveraging CXL technology and our proprietary domain-specific architecture, we aim to address these challenges comprehensively."

"MetisX’s groundbreaking CXL technology represents a pivotal advancement in managing vast quantities of data, a necessity across industries and cultural landscapes in the era of AI." said Brandon Cho, CEO and co-founder of SEMIFIVE. "We’re thrilled that the SEMIFIVE SoC Platform serves as yet another testament, swiftly transforming customers’ innovative AI and HPC concepts into competitive SoC products, setting a new standard for rapid development."


SEMIFIVE is the pioneer of platform based SoC design, working with customers to implement innovative ideas into custom silicon in the most efficient way. Our SoC platforms offer a powerful springboard for new chip designs and leverage configurable domain-specific architectures and pre-validated key IP pools. We offer comprehensive spec-to-system capabilities with end-to-end solutions so that custom SoCs can be realized faster, with reduced cost and risks for key applications such as data center or AI-enabled IoT. With a strong partnership with Samsung Foundry as a leading SAFETM DSP partner, as well as the larger ecosystem, SEMIFIVE provides a one-stop shop solution for any SoC design needs. For more information, please visit

Source : SEMIFIVE Collaborates with MetisX in Developing CXL-based Memory Accelerator Chip

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