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PISEN Brand Completely Upgraded, Releasing Natural Energy with Icebergs at 2024 Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show


HONG KONG, April 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — PISEN, a leading global consumer electronics brand, made a new appearance at the Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show with its unique iceberg shape. Meanwhile, PISEN and《Neon Genesis Evangelion》co-branded magnetic chargers and other new products were also unveiled. PISEN was also honoured to be awarded as one of the Top 20 Chinese Mobile Accessory Brands of Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show in 2024.

Homage to the Iceberg, Breaking Through with Innovation

PISEN participated in the 2024 Hong Kong Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show to pay tribute to PISEN for being the designated equipment of China’s "7+2" Antarctic mountaineering team and developing the prototype of "power bank" with an iceberg. From Antarctica, which is the "source of everything", to PISEN, which is the "source of power bank", it is the process of energy to energy, and the process of continuous upgrading of PISEN.

As a key action of this brand upgrade, the concept of "Power inspired energy" is presented in different iceberg forms.

The staggered "yellow" + "white" display columns simulate the ice floating on the surface of the sea, while the light strip at the bottom shows the unlimited and unknown ocean energy under the ice; the products on display express that Antarctica is by no means a barren place in people’s stereotypical impression, but a polar object that can withstand the challenges of a harsh environment.

The triangular negotiation space is an abstract iceberg, which is full of "time and space" that nurtures tenacious vitality, is people’s desire for extreme places, and is PISEN’s extreme pursuit of products, interpreting the brand values of "sustainability, more humanity, high quality and new design". 

Through the Antarctic icebergs, PISEN demonstrates the spirit of focusing on products, breaking through innovation, loving exploration, and insisting on speaking with strength.

PISEN Energy Storage Innovation

PISEN’s energy storage series is the most direct display of energy, and the energy storage products on display included PISEN Fast Charge Portable Energy Storage Power Station 2000W/1000W, PISEN 600W Outdoor Power Station, and PISEN Screen Networked Charging Pile.

PISEN outdoor power station is available in 600W, 1000W and 2000W according to your different needs, which is suitable for the power needs of different scenarios. Not only does it have high efficiency output capacity, which takes only a few hours to store energy, but it also has multiple safety protection mechanisms. It adopts a number of technologies such as over-current protection, over-voltage protection, overload protection, short-circuit protection, etc. to ensure your safety during use. In addition, it also has a fast charging function, which can be fully charged in just a few hours, making it convenient for you to use it quickly.

Through the energy cycle of storage-release-storage and the new life of outdoor & camping, PISEN not only resonates and interprets the concepts and products, but also puts them into action in the real scenarios, and delivers to the users the energy storage that can really help their life.

PISEN Trendy Products Innovation

PISEN Trendy Products Series and ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’ launched the officially licensed and genuine "PISEN x Neon Genesis Evangelion" fast charging products. The launch of PISEN x Evangelion fast charging products has sparked a lot of discussion. This joint-naming shows that PISEN is standing at the forefront of the industry with a more mature and trendy brand attitude.

The "Evangelion Unit-01" 65W Gallium Nitride 3-in-1 magnetic desktop charger is designed with EVA purple and green deep customised appearance. And the second round of the first "Evangelion Unit-02 Asuka" desktop charger, custom mecha paint, Asuka stand-up + No.2 machine dark pattern, brand new. 15W magnetic + 65W gallium nitride fast charging + 2500W socket, at the same time to take care of AC socket to get power, USB cable fast charging, magnetic wireless charging three major power needs. Adopting "GaNUltra" ultra gallium nitride fast charging technology, to achieve high-power fast charging in a small body, to fully meet the power needs of desktop replenishment.

Together with the unveiling of the three-in-one wireless charging stand, two-in-one magnetic wireless charger for office, home, business travel and other scenarios, in-depth reach users high-frequency scenarios, continue to show the brand innovation.

PISEN Audio Innovations

PISEN is all out to bring P, C, O three different concepts of bluetooth headphones, PISEN Audio Series is to connect with more young people to build a new digital life. With high performance, super appearance of the product attributes, so that "sonic energy" into the user’s life.

P series: named after the "P" of PISEN, focusing on high quality and cost-effective. C series, from the "Creative", means to provide people with products to create a wonderful life, focusing on the trend of appearance, so that the original colourful you even more colourful, leading the trend of product features for the suspension of transparent compartment C1 true wireless bluetooth headphone, open cockpit C2 true wireless bluetooth headphone and semi-transparent frosted models C3 true wireless bluetooth headphone. PISEN O1 open headphone, health not into the ear, to achieve wearing zero burden, to bring users a new concept of sustainable living.

PISEN P1 PLUS true wireless bluetooth headphone, the main hundered CNY yuan price can get master headphones, tuner Axel Grell’s professional endorsement, and can achieve APP operation, Chinese, English, Japanese three languages at any time to switch. Single microphone ENC call noise cancellation, to achieve ultra-clear call transmission. 2C fast charging function, to achieve 10 minutes of charging, two hours of battery life. PISEN intelligent connection technology enables the headphone to connect to two devices at the same time, to achieve seamless switching between dual devices. In addition, the use of moving coil PU composite aerospace material to achieve 13mm PISEN custom speakers, 3D panoramic audio, headphone is immersive once you wear.

PISEN Shared Power Bank Innovation

SHAN CONG – Starting the efficiency revolution in the shared power bank industry

SHAN CONG is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangdong PISEN Electronics Co., Ltd (PISEN Group), relying on PISEN Group’s leading position in the power bank market, as well as its research and development, manufacturing, omni-channel marketing, digitalisation and branding advantages of the complete industry chain, to create a shared power bank 2.0 – SHAN CONG. Charging 3 times faster, direct sales to merchants, PISEN omni-channel marketing system localised crowdsourcing operation and maintenance, a fundamental change in the operational efficiency of the shared power bank.


PISEN upholds the original spirit of "Power inspired energy". as one of the first companies to develop and commercialise power bank, PISEN is committed to making cutting-edge technology accessible to all, driving innovation, and empowering the world, individuals, and connections. From now to the future, PISEN will adhere to the mission of "designing products that enable people to have a more exciting and relaxing life every day" to create a more enjoyable and trendy digital life for users.

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