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Night Economy Shines in Qingdao's Shinan District


QINGDAO, China, Dec. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A report from Publicity Department of the CPC Qingdao Shinan District Committee:

Stepping into the Jazz Garden on Taipingjiao Road No. 21, the wooden stairs gently creak, and the retro, elegant courtyard seems frozen in unhurried time. In the evening, the golden beach and vast rocks create a breathtaking seascape. The night comes alive with the intertwining aromas of jazz, chocolate, and hot beer, adding warmth to the bustling atmosphere of the night economy.

According to the Economic Daily, the Winter Jazz Town event taking place in Jazz Garden has become a shining gem in Shinan District. Residents eagerly participate, immersing themselves in the lively atmosphere, savoring various coffees and desserts. This nighttime event not only attracts attention through jazz music but also engages the enthusiasm of the youth by introducing international cuisines and wines. The night economy, like a rising firework in the city, injects new momentum into winter consumption.

To stimulate market vitality, Shinan District not only renovates business formats and creates scenes but also focuses on building a series of young and scene-oriented cultural, commercial, and tourism activities. The night tour experience in the historic district continues to enrich, fully unleashing the consumption potential of the night economy. These initiatives have led to increased footfall and commercial activity, driving the entire Shinan District’s consumption market to rise.

Not only the Jazz Garden, places like Nanzhi Cafe and Xizhi Pub in the Shinan District have also become new nighttime consumption hotspots. Emerging trends like sitting around a fire to boil tea, barbecue, and various hot pots have become popular nighttime consumption choices, attracting a diverse range of visitors. The continuous innovation in business operations has allowed the night economy to flourish in the trend, meeting the diverse and personalized needs of customers.

Whether strolling through shopping malls, restaurants, scenic spots, or street markets at night, the hustle and bustle of tourists and scenes make people feel the vitality and warmth of the city. In the future, Shinan District will continue to innovate new consumption scenes, creating richer nighttime activities, bringing more surprises and romance to consumers, and using the warm night economy to contribute to the lively and vibrant atmosphere of the city.

Source : Night Economy Shines in Qingdao's Shinan District

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