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INTAMSYS Becomes 3D Printing Equipment Supplier for the WORLDSKILLS LYON 2024 COMPETITION


OSTFILDERN, Germany, April 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — INTAMSYS has officially signed a sponsorship contract with WorldSkills Lyon 2024, becoming the supplier of FFF 3D printing equipment for the Mechanical Engineering CAD and Additive Manufacturing Skills at the event. This partnership includes the provision of 47 INTAMSYS FUNMAT PRO 310 3D printers, software and filament supply, as well as training and technical support. This ensures that competitors can fully leverage advanced devices to showcase their skills and innovation.

INTAMSYS Becomes 3D Printing Equipment Supplier for the WORLDSKILLS LYON 2024 COMPETITION
INTAMSYS Becomes 3D Printing Equipment Supplier for the WORLDSKILLS LYON 2024 COMPETITION

This sponsorship agreement strengthens the global partnership forged by INTAMSYS with WorldSkills International in December 2023, underscoring INTAMSYS’s enduring commitment to global skills education and talent development.

Since its establishment in 1946, WorldSkills has been acknowledged as the world championship of skills due to its profound impact, with the WorldSkills Competitions standing as the gold standard for excellence in skills.

As the 47th WorldSkills Competition, WorldSkills Lyon 2024 is scheduled to take place in Lyon, France, from September 10 to 15, 2024. Bringing together 1,500 elite talents from 65 countries and regions, the event will feature competitions across 59 skill categories, highlighting competitors’ outstanding abilities and innovative potential.

INTAMSYS, proud sponsor of WorldSkills Lyon 2024, is dedicated to fostering the next generation of innovators, engineers, and creators by advanced industrial 3D printing technology in the digital era, which serves as a catalyst for competitors to push the boundaries of design, manufacturing, and innovation.


As the designated competition equipment, INTAMSYS FUNMAT PRO 310 3D printer revolutionizes desktop 3D printing with its industrial-grade performance, delivering exceptional printing capabilities for engineering plastics. Specifically optimized for full-size printing with engineering materials such as PC and ABS, this solution effectively prevents warping and deformation while accurately translating competitors’ design concepts into reality. Moreover, INTAMSYS offers a diverse range of materials, including support materials, empowering competitors to explore possibilities for design innovation.

INTAMSYS’s sponsorship extends beyond hardware provision, encompassing comprehensive online training and technical support. This ensures that competitors from different countries can fairly grasp the fundamentals of printer. INTAMSYS’s technical support team will prepare, calibrate, and test all equipment in advance, guaranteeing optimal performance throughout the competition.

Franck le Roux, Executive Director of WorldSkills Lyon 2024 said: "We are pleased and honored to count INTAMSYS among the companies supporting WorldSkills Lyon 2024 and, through our movement, youth and trades. It is thanks to the involvement of our partners that we will succeed, from September 10th to 15th 2024, in showcasing the beauty of our trades and their usefulness to society."

WorldSkills Lyon 2024 transcends mere skill competition; it stands as a global celebration of skills and vocational education. INTAMSYS’s sponsorship will ensure the seamless execution of the event, fostering the development of global skill talent and making substantial contributions to the advancement of a more prosperous and inclusive society for the future.

INTAMSYS is a global leader in industrial 3D printing, providing comprehensive additive manufacturing solutions and 3D printing services. Founded in 2016 by a team of experienced engineers, INTAMSYS has become a trusted partner for customers in a wide range of industries. Specializing in FFF technology, INTAMSYS focuses on delivering cutting-edge FUNMAT 3D printers capable of handling a diverse range of engineering materials, as well as its own suite of high-performance materials. With offices in Germany, the United States, and China, INTAMSYS maintains a global network of partners, ensuring seamless service delivery worldwide.

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