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Hyosung TNC presents a new paradigm through sustainable bio BDO production.


SEOUL, South Korea, April 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Hyosung TNC is taking significant strides towards a sustainable future by focusing on the production of sustainable bio-based BDO. Butanediol (BDO) plays a crucial role as a chemical material not only in the production of spandex fibers like PTMG but also in various other industries such as engineering plastics, biodegradable packaging, footwear soles, and industrial compounds.



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However, traditional BDO production methods have presented notable environmental challenges due to their dependence on fossil fuels as the primary raw material like coal. In response, Hyosung partnered with Geno, a San Diego-based biotech leader specializing in sustainable materials, in 2023. Through Geno’s proven plant-based GENO™ BDO technology, which ferments sugars from sugarcane to replace fossil fuels like coal, Hyosung aims to advance its range of regen™ Bio Spandex products.

Expanding upon its sustainable brand, regen™, which already offers polyester and nylon fibers made from recycled PET bottles and discarded fishing nets, Hyosung TNC now seeks to lead the growing premium spandex market with bio-based spandex products.

By embarking on this bio-based BDO production venture, Hyosung TNC is not only contributing to environmental protection but also paving the way for sustainable industrial development. They reaffirm their commitment to being a more responsible corporate citizen by presenting this innovative approach, which captures the essence of environmental protection and sustainable industrial growth.

Source : Hyosung TNC presents a new paradigm through sustainable bio BDO production.

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