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HAVIT to Unveil New Eco-Friendly Packaging at CES


GUANGZHOU, China, Jan. 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — HAVIT, a leading smart electronic technology company, specializing in audio devices, is committed to the exploration of innovative technologies while attaching great importance to environmentally sustainable development. As a responsible company, HAVIT will introduce a new eco-friendly packaging program to help meet the global carbon neutrality target in real terms.

HAVIT will formally implement an eco-friendly and low-carbon packaging strategy starting in 2024. HAVIT aims to optimize its packaging structure and volume by following the UN Environment Programme’s Redesign-Reduce-Recycle principles. The company will employ 100% recyclable FSC-certified product packaging materials and replace its inner trays and hooks with paper cards, thereby reducing its plastic usage by at least 80%. It will enable HAVIT to join the over 1,600 companies worldwide that are licensed to promote FSC-certified products. The inner tray and hook of its package will be replaced by paper card, reducing the use of plastic by at least 80%; it will also adopt pure vegetable-based ink for printing, replacing UV-coating with satin aqueous coating and embossing and debossing processes to reduce the pollution of soil and water; the PLA plastic will be used can be degraded within only one year.

HAVIT strongly supports sustainable growth by actively taking practical steps and is acutely aware of the significance of environmental conservation. Recycled cartons can cut carbon emissions by 37 grams each while using fewer new cartons can cut emissions by 902 grams. Recycling 100 express boxes can offset the carbon emissions of planting a tree. These are the conclusions drawn from authoritative public data.

At CES in January 2024, HAVIT will exhibit the environmentally friendly packaging of the new product H655BT PRO as an all-around presentation of forthcoming HAVIT product packaging updates. Many other products will also be displayed, and customers are welcome to come and experience them in person. Sincerely, HAVIT welcomes all the customers to visit its booth at CES to see the eco-friendly packaging of H655BT PRO, and jointly witness the fruits of eco-friendly innovation.

2024CES HAVIT Product Launch, click the video for more details:

Source : HAVIT to Unveil New Eco-Friendly Packaging at CES

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