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GoveeLife Unveils Flagship Smart Space Heaters to Warm Up Just in Time for Winter


HONG KONG, Nov. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Govee, an innovator in the smart home industry, today introduced a smart home extension of their company, GoveeLife, with the introduction of their new smart space heaters. As Govee continues to see growth in its smart lighting offerings, the company has expanded with the GoveeLife brand as a way to introduce smart appliances to the everyday consumer. The GoveeLife product line is designed to meet consumers at all stages of their smart home journey and bring innovative smart home solutions into the realm of everyday life.

GoveeLife Unveils Flagship Smart Space Heaters to Warm Up Just in Time for Winter

As winter approaches, GoveeLife is excited to announce their smart heater line featuring the GoveeLife Smart Space Heater Pro, Smart Space Heater Max, and Smart Space Heater Lite. The announcement of these new heaters comes just in time for winter months when heating bills tend to soar for inefficient and unreliable standard heating solutions that come with your home.

GoveeLife’s smart heaters are designed to make life comfortable with fast heating capabilities, thoughtful safety features and most importantly, innovative smart functions to help anticipate the needs of the user. The comprehensive line of heaters is fit for homes big and small to fully integrate and support a smart lifestyle.

GoveeLife Smart Heaters for a more Comfortable Winter

 Today’s consumers are looking for new ways to enhance and automate their living experience with smart technology solutions that fit their needs and budgets. The GoveeLife heater line aims to revolutionize the conventional inconvenient heaters with the latest in smart home technology. Key features of GoveeLife heaters include:

  • Smart Control and Compatibility: Users can enjoy smart control of their heaters in the Govee app, as well as voice control compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant. Say goodbye to the physical controller and enjoy hands-free voice and remote control. Users can also set a schedule, timer, and other smart control on the Govee Home App.
  • AutoReflect Integration: Proprietary sensor technology allows models of GoveeLife smart heater and built-in sensor work in concert to automatically keep users home within users’ preferred temperature. Additionally, when paired with the GoveeLife thermo-hygrometer can help achieve a more accurate and stable temperature.
  • Automated Experience: GoveeLife smart heaters and their integrative qualities support seamless, hands-free control with door sensors and other appliances. Appliances can activate and operate automatically, giving users a more intuitive home experience.
  • HeatBooster Solution for Fast Powerful Warmth: By adopting the positive temperature coefficient (PTC) heating solution and updated structure design, the heater warms up quickly (heats to 77°F in 2 seconds) and outputs efficiently with a 99.9% thermal energy conversion rate, delivering almost immediate warmth for users. Cross-flow wind wheel continuously and stably provides comfortable air.
  • UltraSteady Safety Protection: The heaters are designed with safety at the forefront, optimizing stability in the event of unit tip-over, as well as overcurrent and high temperature protection. Upgraded structure and algorithm enhance the stability of the product, allowing it to stand steadily when tilting 10 degrees. The upgraded algorithm reduces misjudgement, so users can enjoy worry-free warming.

Different Heaters to Meet Different Meets

Each model has different smart, safety and heating functions so users can tailor their home spaces and make for a more comfortable winter season.

  • GoveeLife Smart Space Heater Lite is compact and quiet, this 10-inch desk mini heater with a built-in handle can be used anywhere from desktop to bedroom.
  • GoveeLife Smart Space Heater Pro uses a three-axis gyro sensor, which is unique in its ability to be used standing up or laying down, RGBIC lighting effects, and compatibility with Govee DreamView.
  • GoveeLife Smart Space Heater Max features a charming flame light to enjoy all the perks of a real fireplace.

Pricing and Availability:

GoveeLife heaters are now available on GoveeLife Amazon Store and Govee website in the US market. Retail prices are as follows:

  • GoveeLife Smart Space Heater Lite is available for purchase at $49.99 USD on Amazon or Govee Website
  • GoveeLife Smart Space Heater Pro is available for purchase at $139.99 USD on Amazon or or Govee Website
  • GoveeLife Smart Space Heater Max is available for purchase at $149.99 USD on Amazon or Govee Website

For more product information and other products, please visit GoveeLife Amazon Store or

About GoveeLife

GoveeLife inherits the mission of Govee to "making life smarter." GoveeLife products are developed to empower consumers by providing them with smart appliances that simplify their daily routines and streamline household tasks. Whether it’s automated home appliances, energy-efficient climate control, or intelligent kitchen appliances, GoveeLife creates innovative smart home appliances designed to enhance convenience, optimize efficiency, and improve overall quality of life.

About Govee

Since 2017, Govee has been committed to making life smarter. As a leading global smart home solution company, the company aims to provide personalized and fun life experiences through innovation in the smart home space. This includes a close focus on ambient lighting solutions and home appliances. Govee is continuously building upon its ecosystem of smart products and improving performance, user benefits, and consumer usability in all scenarios. To learn more about Govee, please visit

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