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Global Launch of the First Vision Pro Sports App Leads the Growth of Virtual Sports Events Index


HOUSTON, May 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — PitPat, the world’s largest online event platform, has unveiled its new metaverse application "PitPat Pro," becoming the first sports and fitness app to support Apple’s new ecosystem. PitPat Pro is compatible with the Vision Pro, seamlessly integrating virtual technology with sports to enhance functionality and user experience, further advancing the field of online sports events. Currently, all users who have purchased SupeRun and DeerRun smart treadmills can download and experience Vision Pro.

The PitPat team states that PitPat Pro is an effective supplement and in-depth exploration of the sports and health industry, pushing home fitness onto a new innovative track. By integrating virtual technology with traditional sports events, it creates a milestone user experience. The founder of PitPat reveals that the current focus is on optimizing existing features, enriching PitPat Pro’s built-in scenes, and maximizing user experience. At the same time, the new version is already in rapid development and is expected to be released within three months.

Global Launch of the First Vision Pro Sports App
Global Launch of the First Vision Pro Sports App

Ultra-High Definition Visual Experience

Utilizing the cutting-edge micro-OLED technology of Apple Vision Pro, PitPat Pro provides visual resolution exceeding 4K, presenting the details of the virtual world to users with astonishing clarity. From the texture of the track to the dynamic lighting of the environment, every detail comes to life vividly. When users wear and use it, the exercise scene expands from indoors to new settings, allowing them to complete personal training in an immersive experience.

Immersive Audio Effects

Equipped with spatial audio technology, PitPat Pro adjusts audio output based on the user’s position and head movements in the virtual environment, ensuring three-dimensional sound and directionality. This enhances the user’s immersion, making them feel as if they are truly in a real sports arena. The shouts of the audience and the athletes’ breathing will be clear and audible, fully igniting the user’s competitive spirit, and providing an exhilarating experience of online competition.

Intuitive and Natural Interaction

Through simple gestures and eye movements, users can naturally interact with the virtual environment. This interaction method greatly reduces the learning curve, allowing everyone to easily enjoy an exciting sports experience.

Environment Fusion Technology

The augmented reality capabilities of Apple Vision Pro enable PitPat Pro to seamlessly integrate virtual competitions with users’ real environments, creating a novel way of spectating and participating. This approach maintains the connection to the real world while adding fun virtual elements. PitPat’s virtual city, PitPat World, expands training scenarios for users, with new towns featuring social and event functionalities. Customizable virtual character interactions further enhance the realism of the sports metaverse.

Global Online Event Promotion

PitPat Pro will leverage its innovative technology to promote online virtual events worldwide. These events not only provide sports enthusiasts with a new competitive platform but also allow spectators to experience the competition from multiple perspectives through virtual reality technology, breaking the limitations of traditional spectating. In this way, PitPat Pro will enable users worldwide to participate in and enjoy every match effortlessly, regardless of their location. Additionally, to celebrate the successful launch of PitPat Pro, a new themed event, "PitPat Pro – Pioneer Program," combining the storyline of PitPat Pro with Vision Pro, will be launched for one month starting on May 9th.

In the Pioneer Program, PitPat has set up an intriguing backstory: During a lunar crossing, PitPaters discovered a blue planet that resembled their former home. Intrigued, they decided to explore it. However, space exploration is dangerous and requires a vanguard to pave the way for future extensive exploration. Thus, the "Pioneer Program" was born. During the selection period, runners must undergo various special experiences to prepare for future unknown challenges. Winners of this event will receive Pioneer Equipment Vision Pro and generous cash rewards. PitPat’s founder and CEO, Kevin Zhang, stated, "The combination of PitPat Pro and Apple Vision Pro represents not just technological advancement but a reimagining of athletic potential. We believe this will usher in a new era of sports technology, permanently altering how users engage with and experience physical activity."

About PitPat

PitPat is a globally leading online platform for running and sports events, committed since its inception to enhancing user sports experiences through innovative technology. PitPat continuously pushes the boundaries of technology and user experience, allowing everyone to find ways to motivate themselves and connect with other sports enthusiasts worldwide through virtual and augmented reality technologies.


Source : Global Launch of the First Vision Pro Sports App Leads the Growth of Virtual Sports Events Index

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