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EZVIZ further simplifies front-door security with its latest dual-lens battery video doorbell that can smartly use solar power


HOOFDDORP, Netherlands, April 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — EZVIZ, a global leader in smart home security, has achieved a significant milestone in its smart entry lineup by launching the EP3x Pro, its first dual-lens battery video doorbell with solar charging compatibility. Departing from conventional bulky designs and installation methods, this product blends robust functionality with a sleek appearance, but requires minimal maintenance. Reshaping the idea of front door protection, the EP3x Pro provides expanded vision, advanced detection features, and added convenience all in one well-designed device.

"The EP3x Pro doesn’t just stitch two views – it combines two powerful lenses to see wider and clearer, detect more, and make users feel securer," said Binghong Wang, the EP3x Pro’s product lead. " Additionally, we resolve the pain point of frequent recharging of prevailing battery doorbells by introducing a solar charging panel, which also empowers a future-oriented sustainable lifestyle."

The EP3x Pro caters to the common need of most households to keep an eye on not only visitors, but also deliveries on the ground. With its 2K front view and 1080p bottom view, it monitors two angles to effectively eliminate blind spots for a more comprehensive field of view.

To keep users better informed, the doorbell offers subscription-free detection features on people and packages. In addition to live feed, homeowners receive notifications on their smartphones upon a friend’s arrival or a long-awaited delivery. Thanks to the free, built-in 32GB eMMC storage, users can always replay important videos that are securely auto-saved on the device.

With much easier installation but comparable performance to the wired models, the EP3x Pro goes an extra mile to utilize sunlight for extended battery life. The included solar panel is as effortless to install as the doorbell, and can greatly reduce the frequency of doorbell recharging while saving on electricity costs. Even in cloudy areas, the EP3x Pro’s 5,200 mAh rechargeable battery ensures relatively long performance. Users can also hardwire the doorbell for non-stop power.

A laureate of the Asia Design Prize, the EP3x Pro combines top-notch technology with modern aesthetics to complement any front door. With intuitive management through the EZVIZ App and integration with popular voice assistants such as Google Assistant and Alexa, users can have easy control over their trusted home security.

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Source : EZVIZ further simplifies front-door security with its latest dual-lens battery video doorbell that can smartly use solar power

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