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CEAT Specialty's Australian Distributors Join the IPL Frenzy in India


MUMBAI, April 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — CEAT Specialty hosted the Achievers Meet 2024, aimed to fortify bonds with Australian channel partners, featuring an immersive IPL match experience at Delhi’s Arun Jaitley Stadium. Amidst the charged atmosphere on April 27th, attendees witnessed the thrilling clash between Delhi Capitals and Mumbai Indians, cheering for Jake Fraser-McGurk and Tim David, fostering camaraderie beyond fandom.

CEAT Specialty Achiever’s Meet 2024
CEAT Specialty Achiever’s Meet 2024

The event underscored CEAT Specialty’s commitment to collaboration, innovation, and shared success, emphasizing global partnerships. The itinerary included a visit to CEAT’s Ambernath Plant, showcasing innovative tyre manufacturing processes, particularly in agricultural radial tyres. Advancements like VF (Very High Flexion) technology enhanced tyre performance, alongside a specialized range of tyres. Notably, the Sustainmax tyre, composed of over 80% sustainable materials, and the Galileo Cupwheel tyre, engineered to reduce soil compaction at ultra-low pressure, along with the Energymax tyre for EC tractors, exemplified CEAT Specialty’s forward-thinking environmental sustainability initiatives.

Australian partners bonded over cricket, forging alliances, and creating lasting memories, with CEAT Specialty leading the charge in sustainability and responsible business practices. Interactive sessions engaged partners in CEAT’s eco-friendly initiatives, contributing to a greener future.

The Achievers Meet 2024 transcended a mere corporate event; it was a celebration of collaboration, innovation, and shared success. By uniting channel partners worldwide, CEAT Specialty aimed to foster meaningful connections, inspire growth, and acknowledge the invaluable contributions of its esteemed partners.

About CEAT Specialty

Established in 1924 at Turin, Italy, CEAT journeyed to India in 1958, and has gone on to become, one of India’s leading tyre manufacturers, with a global footprint spanning over 130 countries. With customer centricity being the guiding principle for all actions, CEAT is continually investing in customer service and R&D to deliver the highest quality products. CEAT follows Total Quality Management – TQM, which is its commitment to continuous improvement. The Deming Grand Prize in 2024 made CEAT the world’s first tyre brand to win such a recognition and it is a testament to this commitment.

CEAT Specialty is CEAT’s division for off-highway (OTR and Agricultural) tyres. To learn more about CEAT Specialty, please visit

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CEAT Specialty Distributors in Delhi for IPL
CEAT Specialty Distributors in Delhi for IPL



Source : CEAT Specialty's Australian Distributors Join the IPL Frenzy in India

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