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Canaan Shines at Blockchain Life 2024 in Dubai


DUBAI, UAE, April 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Canaan Inc. (Nasdaq: CAN), the creator of ASIC Bitcoin miners, captured the spotlight at the highly anticipated Blockchain Life 2024 event in Dubai, UAE, on April 15th-17th. Canaan introduced its cutting-edge One-Stop Mining Solutions, flagship Avalon miners, the eye-catching Avalon Nano 3 which designated to revolutionize accessible Bitcoin mining for all. Canaan also emphasized strategies of green mining of Bitcoin in the Middle East.

As the world’s first blockchain company listed on Nasdaq, Canaan has led the way in Bitcoin mining rig development and manufacturing, delivering top-of-the-line products of Avalon miners that redefine efficiency and performance standards through extensive technology research and development efforts.

One-Stop Mining Solutions

Canaan is the creator of the ASIC Bitcoin mining chip and the renowned mining rig, Avalon miners. As the trailblazer of the ASIC mining industry, Canaan has been consistently upgrading Avalon product series and introducing new products and services to facilitate greener and easier mining experiences for the clients.

In response to evolving market demands, Canaan has observed a shift towards sustainable stable and reliable Bitcoin mining investments. This transition has inspired them to develop One-Stop Mining Solutions with high ROI to customers and adapting to various environment including high-temperature, dusty and sandy scenarios. Canaan provides Avalon mining machines with leading PE performance, most cost-effectiveness; meanwhile, Canaan offers customized Avalon Boxes with air-cooling and immersion cooling options, along with ready sites for swift deployment of mining rigs in seven countries worldwide.

With a global network of over 20 customer service centers, Canaan’s equipment reaches customers across multiple countries and regions, solidifying their commitment to providing comprehensive mining solutions worldwide.

Avalon Nano

Avalon Nano is the coolest handy miner in the world, designed to be portable and user-friendly. Resembling a mobile hard disk, it’s compact enough to fit in your pocket and comes in lively colors.

Avalon Nano aims to make mining more accessible to everyone, while creatively raising public awareness about Bitcoin mining. Easy to set up, this innovative product has garnered positive feedback from customers for its quiet operation and simplicity. Avalon Nano stands out with its dual functionality – it is not only capable of mining Bitcoin but can also provide warmth for your hands and feet during chilly winters. Additionally, for regions with hotter climates such as the Middle East, the warm air generated by the device can be used to keep your belongings dry, ensuring comfort and utility in a variety of environments.

(Source: Canaan's booth in Blockchain Life 2024)
(Source: Canaan’s booth in Blockchain Life 2024)

Green Bitcoin Mining

As the host of the upcoming COP28, the Middle East is at the forefront of green transition efforts, aligning perfectly with Canaan’s green mining strategy. Canaan’s green mining strategy focuses on employing cutting-edge technologies to enhance the environmental friendliness of Avalon miners and Avalon Boxes. Canaan is dedicated to developing more efficient chip designs and air-cooling mining rigs, leading the global development of immersion cooling miners. Canaan also continues to improve its capabilities in global power resource diversification and integration, mine construction, operation, maintenance, and waste heat utilization. Through collaborations with partners in Kazakhstan, Ethiopia, and the US, Canaan is actively promoting green mining practices by utilizing clean energies such as hydroelectricity.

With advancements in technology and a growing demand for eco-friendly crypto solutions, the future of sustainable mining looks promising. It is imperative for Bitcoin miners to prioritize sustainability and work towards minimizing their environmental impact. Together, we can create a greener and more sustainable future for Bitcoin mining.

Committed to advancing the prosperity and sustainability of the Bitcoin mining ecosystem, Canaan continues to set the standard as a prominent player in the digital mining industry. By providing cutting-edge technology and comprehensive services, Canaan keep empowering its partners and driving innovation across the mining industry. The success achieved at the event not only showcases Canaan’s profound influence but also exemplifies the company’s unwavering dedication to shaping the future of sustainable and accessible Bitcoin mining.

About Canaan Inc.

Canaan Inc. (Nasdaq: CAN) is a leading provider of high-performance ASIC chips. With a diversified strategy centered on "blockchain + AI," Canaan is dedicated to the research and development of high-performance ASIC computing chips, AI chips, and devices. As a Nasdaq-listed company, Canaan is recognized as the world’s "first blockchain stock company".

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Source : Canaan Shines at Blockchain Life 2024 in Dubai

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