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"2023 DEI Employer® Awards" Winners and the List of "2023 Top 50 DEI Employer®" Officially Announced in China


SHANGHAI, Jan. 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The winners of the "2023 DEI Employer® Awards (China)" hosted by the Employer Branding Institute, a leading employer brand communication organization, are grandly announced. This award conducted a comprehensive evaluation of 10 categories, 21 dimensions, and 104 indicators of companies’ DEI practices. A total of 61 companies stood out from the competition and won China’s leading employer award for diversity, equity, and inclusion. On December 18, "2023 DEI Employer® Awards (China)" award ceremony, sponsored by the global premium spirits brand REMY COINTREAU, was held grandly in Kunming, Yunnan.

The award was officially launched in July and went through stages of application, scoring, and award determination over five months, receiving entries from 506 well-known domestic and international companies, including Bosch China, HSBC China, Cisco Greater China, Mondelēz China, Bristol Myers Squibb, Novartis China, Carlsberg China, and so on.

The DEI Employer® Awards (China) specially invited an expert committee consisting of senior experts in employer branding and corporate HR management: Dr. Dave Ulrich, known as the expert of Modern HR, Mr. Richard Mosley, the founder of Employer Branding, Ms. Chaofan Ma, HR Discipline Head at the University of Hong Kong Business School in China, Dr. Anson Tang, Co-Director of the Global HR and Organizational Innovation Research Center at EM Lyon Business School in France and Executive Director of HRflag, Ms. Ocean Fu, head of the Employer Branding Institute and founder of Wild Theory and Mr. Jiongjiong Dong, General Manager of HRflag.

On December 27, 2023, the Employer Branding Institute officially released the list of "2023 Top 50 DEI Employer® in China". The evaluation process refers to how leading companies strengthen their commitment to sustainable development and innovation, and how diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) enhances their commitment to sustainable development and innovation. The study is based on a comprehensive assessment of the Employer Branding Institute’s DEI assessment system. The assessment system benchmarks and norms are based on 3,098 samples from its DEI Analytics Platforms research database and 506 nominees for the "2023 DEI Employer® Awards (China).

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are critical components of corporate ESG development strategies. In May 2019, NASDAQ released the " ESG Reporting Guide 2.0," exemplifying the ESG items that listed companies should disclose, including DEI indicators such as gender pay ratio, gender diversity, non-discrimination policies, and board diversity. This not only represents the significant support role of DEI in advancing ESG but also indicates its core position in ESG disclosures.

Starting in 2024, most EU companies operating in China or Chinese companies heading to the EU, will be subject to increasingly strict information disclosure and regulatory pressure under EU CSRD regulations. This requires companies to plan ahead and the HR department is the key responsible party for the DEI part in the CSRD regulations.

The announcement of the award list marks a big step forward in promoting DEI construction and demonstrates their persistence in innovation in a challenging market environment. We look forward on a new chapter of DEI development in China with more companies in 2024.

News From: Employer Branding Institute

The Employer Branding Institute is a leading employer brand research institution, bringing together leading figures and human resources experts in the field of global employer branding. The Employer Branding Institute has more than 2,000 customers, including more than 300 Fortune Global 500 companies. Employer Branding Institute is a joint brand of HRflag and Wild Theory.


Source : "2023 DEI Employer® Awards" Winners and the List of "2023 Top 50 DEI Employer®" Officially Announced in China

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