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135th Canton Fair Showcases Revolutionary Home Furnishing Innovations


GUANGZHOU, China, April 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The second phase of the eagerly anticipated 135th China Import and Export Fair ( "Canton Fair", or "the Fair"), lasting 5 days, kicked off on April 23rd, spotlighting Housewares, Gifts & Decorations, Building & Furniture. Among these, the furniture section stood out by presenting top-tier products integrating new designs and technologies to sketch a new vision of quality living for global buyers.

As a leading brand in the field of kitchen and customized home décor with a range of brands such as Miform, Opoly, and Opolini, Oppein Home Group Inc captured global attention at the fair with its custom home solutions. These solutions are designed to meet consumer demands for functionality and quality while aligning with current design trends. Notably, their kitchen cabinet ZONE features an integrated dining island design equipped with a light interactive platform – a testament to Oppein’s innovative approach tailored for Generation Z’s aesthetic preferences and personalized needs. This kitchen cabinet also offers extensive storage space designed to seamlessly incorporate appliances like steam ovens and built-in refrigerators while thoughtfully organizing small electrical appliances. For more information, please visit https://goo.su/Bgu7O.

ShenZhen ZhongShen AI DI Bedding Technology, stands at the forefront of bedding innovation driven by research and development, producing over 3000 new mattress designs annually including eco-friendly glue-free mattresses, AI smart mattresses, and natural wool mattresses. Their presented technology includes AI intelligent mattress series, leverages AI technology to instantly adapt to users’ body characteristics providing an optimized sleep experience through vibration waves combined with sound waves facilitating easier sleep. More information can be found at https://goo.su/oqyn.

Zhejiang Anji Yongfeng Furniture Co.,Ltd., excels in the innovative design, development, manufacturing, and sales of seating furniture, focusing on office chairs and sofas for the mid-to-high-end market through the use of advanced technology. Yongfeng has introduced high-end office chairs and sofas featuring dual back ergonomic designs adjustable across four heights for comfort across individuals ranging from 140cm-190cm in height. Their chairs come equipped with two-position self-weight back support trays, ensuring flexibility and comfort between working or resting postures.

The 135th Canton Fair brings together numerous companies committed to innovation in the furniture sector aiming to create new quality living experiences for consumers worldwide. For more information please register at https://invitation.cantonfair.org.cn/BuyerUser/RegisterUser?MediaType=16.

Source : 135th Canton Fair Showcases Revolutionary Home Furnishing Innovations

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