Sunday, March 3, 2024

Nine additional airlines to begin operating in Thailand in 2024


The new airlines preparing to launch operations in Thailand include Asian Aerospace Service, Siam Seaplane, Really Cool Airlines, Avanti Air Starter, Landarch Airlines, Bangkok Helicopter Services, Pattaya Airways, Asia Atlantic Airlines, and P80 Air. The government aims to promote tourism in more provinces to make Thailand a year-round destination, with a target of attaining a trillion baht from domestic tourism and 2.5 trillion from foreign visitors. Thailand welcomed over 27 million visitors in 2023, surpassing the government’s target. The largest group of visitors came from Malaysia, followed by China, but falling short of the initial target of 4 million Chinese visitors.

The decrease in tourist numbers can be attributed to the impact of China’s slow economy on international travel, as well as a noticeable shift towards domestic tourism within the country. Both Thailand and China have decided to permanently waive visa requirements for their citizens starting from March 1. This move aims to boost relations and provide opportunities for tourists from both countries.

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