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New Capital Investment Entrant Scheme Launched in Hong Kong


Taiwan earthquake kills 9, 1,000 injured, 100 trapped. Infrastructure damaged, aftershocks felt, offers declined, recovery efforts ongoing, residents share experiences.

Search and Rescue Underway After Devastating Earthquake

Rescue workers in Taiwan are tirelessly searching for individuals still missing or trapped after a powerful 7.4 magnitude earthquake struck, resulting in at least nine fatalities, over 1,000 injuries, and nearly 100 people trapped in collapsed tunnels.

International Aid and Recovery Efforts

As recovery efforts intensify, the military has been deployed to assist, with numerous countries offering solidarity and support. Despite widespread infrastructure damage, Taiwan’s preparedness and the earthquake’s remote epicenter have helped limit casualties. However, challenges remain, including communication disruptions and ongoing aftershocks.

Source link : New Capital Investment Entrant Scheme Launched in Hong Kong by China Watch

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