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NESDC projects 2.7% growth rate for year 2024


The National Economic and Social Development Council (NESDC) predicts a growth rate of 2.7% for the year 2024, excluding the potential impact of the digital wallet scheme. This projection indicates a positive outlook for the country’s economic development in the upcoming year. The NESDC’s forecast serves as a valuable tool for policymakers and businesses to plan and strategize for the future.

The NESDC’s projection of a 2.7% growth rate for 2024 reflects continued economic stability and growth potential. While the digital wallet scheme may also contribute to economic growth, it is not currently factored into the NESDC’s forecast. This prediction suggests that the country’s economy is on track for steady progress and expansion in the coming year, providing opportunities for investment and development.

By providing a projected growth rate for the year 2024, the NESDC offers valuable insight into the country’s economic trajectory. This forecast allows stakeholders to anticipate trends and opportunities for advancement in various sectors. As the NESDC continues to monitor economic indicators and trends, its projections serve as a guide for decision-making and strategic planning in the business and policy realms.

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