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Manila blasts China’s ‘unprovoked aggression’ in latest South China Sea incident


China’s new plan aims to attract foreign investment by improving market access, easing administrative burdens, and leveling the playing field.

China’s Legislative Plan to Attract Foreign Investment

China’s legislature has unveiled a plan to enhance the business environment and broaden market access for foreign companies. By easing administrative burdens and focusing on key sectors like manufacturing and telecommunications, the plan aims to level the playing field for foreign investors. Additionally, pilot projects in Free Trade Zones (FTZs) will relax restrictions on foreign investment in technological innovation.

New Measures to Boost Foreign Investment in China

The new plan, part of ongoing efforts to attract foreign capital, proposes various measures to streamline business operations, improve market access, and ensure fair competition for foreign companies. The State Council’s Action Plan outlines steps to attract foreign investment, including easing entry barriers in strategic industries and facilitating cross-border data flows. By outlining these policy proposals, foreign companies can prepare for potential benefits in the coming years.

Source link : Manila blasts China’s ‘unprovoked aggression’ in latest South China Sea incident by Radio Free Asia

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