Sunday, March 3, 2024

January 2024 Monthly Tax Update for China


Chinese firm in Shenzhen helps 123 websites disseminate disinformation, pro-Beijing content in 30 countries using fake news networks.

Chinese Firm Assisting 123 Fake News Websites Across 30 Countries

A recent University of Toronto study revealed that Shenzhen Haimaiyunxiang Media Co. (Haimai), a Chinese company, has supported at least 123 websites posing as local media outlets in 30 European, Asian, and Latin American countries. These websites spread disinformation and promote pro-Beijing business and political “propaganda.” The Chinese company was linked to a campaign named Paperwall, targeting foreign audiences with propaganda.

Deep-Rooted and Extensive ‘Fake News’ Network Managed by Chinese PR Firm

The discovered “fake news” network backed by Haimai is widespread, targeting audiences in countries such as South Korea, Japan, Italy, and the UK. These deceptive websites publish articles and news reports in multiple languages, covering various fields like politics, economy, culture, and sports, thus presenting a threat of inadvertent amplification by local media and audiences. This extensive network serves as a tool to spread pro-Beijing content and manipulate public opinion overseas, further complicating an already complex media landscape.

Source link : January 2024 Monthly Tax Update for China by China Watch

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