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China’s local government credit dilemma


Five thousand Myanmar nationals fled from a Northern Shan State conflict and now face shortages of essential supplies in China.

**5,000 Myanmar Nationals in Dire Need in Yunnan Province**
Some 5,000 Myanmar nationals, including hundreds of children, are in dire need of food and water in Yunnan province, following their flight into China amid an ethnic army offensive in northern Shan state. The displaced are living in a temporary shelter at a former COVID-19 testing center but are experiencing a significant shortage of food, water, and supplies.

**Challenges and Scant Resources**
The displaced, including migrant workers from different parts of Myanmar, are living in poor conditions. They are struggling to find food and face a shortage of water and essential supplies. Additionally, the presence of the Chinese police and army is adding to their challenges, as they are not allowed to cook and face difficulties in obtaining daily necessities.

Source link : China’s local government credit dilemma by East Asia Forum

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