Friday, May 24, 2024


China Unveils Plan to Upgrade Industrial Equipment


China’s Foreign Minister met Indonesia’s outgoing and future presidents to strengthen partnerships. The two countries also discussed defense cooperation and Gaza conflict.

Chinese Diplomat Meets Indonesian Leaders in Jakarta

Beijing’s top diplomat engaged with outgoing and incoming Indonesian presidents in Jakarta, strengthening ties with future leader Prabowo Subianto amid regional influence competition with the U.S. The meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi aimed to enhance the partnership between the two nations, following Prabowo’s recent visit to Beijing after winning the February general election.

Indonesia and China Advocate for Gaza Ceasefire

Both Indonesia and China expressed support for a ceasefire in Gaza in response to Israel’s attacks, emphasizing the importance of resolving the Palestinian issue through two-state solutions. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi criticized the U.S. for vetoing resolutions calling for an end to the attacks, highlighting the humanitarian tragedy in Gaza and the need for international solidarity in addressing the conflict.

Source link : China Unveils Plan to Upgrade Industrial Equipment by China Watch

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