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China lets loose armies of catchers as dog killings spread


The Ningxia Night Market in Taipei is a popular spot for locals and tourists to enjoy traditional Taiwanese street food. Vendors elect their own president and work with local officials to promote harmony and protect the environment. The market offers a variety of innovative and traditional dishes, and diners can even book “banquets” to sample a selection of different foods.

Quintessential Taiwanese Street Food at Ningxia Night Market

Located at the intersection of Ningxia and Chongqing streets in Taipei, the Ningxia Night Market comes alive every evening with vendors offering delicious Taiwanese street food. From crispy squid to oyster omelets and braised pork, these dishes have been passed down through generations. Stallholder Lin Chiu-yun reluctantly took over her father’s 70-year-old savory pancake business but has since embraced it, with hopes of passing it on to her daughter.

The Ningxia Night Market is not only beloved by local residents but also a top attraction for tourists. According to a survey by Taiwan’s Tourism Bureau, 80% of inbound tourists visited a night market before 2019. The market’s president, Lin Ting-kuo, attributes its success to the constant innovation of its vendors, who experiment with new recipes to cater to changing tastes. The market also prioritizes hygiene and environmental sustainability by banning disposable tableware and filtering waste oil and gray water.

Source link : China lets loose armies of catchers as dog killings spread by Radio Free Asia

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