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Balancing China’s labour migration through education


Wang Yi visits Vietnam, paving the way for a possible visit by Xi Jinping. The US and Japan are courting Vietnam.

Chinese Foreign Minister’s Visit to Vietnam and Potential Visit by President Xi Jinping

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi is scheduled to visit Vietnam, possibly paving the way for President Xi Jinping’s visit later this month. Wang will co-chair the 15th session of the Vietnam-China Bilateral Cooperation Steering Committee and hold talks with Vietnamese leaders. President Xi was initially expected to visit in October or November but is now anticipated to visit from Dec. 14-16.

China’s Recent Relations with Vietnam and the South China Sea

Vietnam recently upgraded its relations with the U.S. and Japan, prompting China to strengthen ties with Vietnam. Improved relations with Vietnam could help the U.S. and Japan diversify supply chains and reduce reliance on China. Despite an improving trade relationship, Vietnam and China have butted heads over territorial claims in the South China Sea. China’s recent visits and coordination on the South China Sea issue indicate efforts to foster mutual trust with Vietnam.

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