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Yadea Unveils Green Innovation at ASIABIKE 2024: Showcasing Sustainable Solutions for Indonesia's Electric Mobility Future


JAKARTA, Indonesia, April 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — With Indonesia’s aim to achieve zero emissions by 2060, renewable energy and green innovation have become paramount priorities for the nation’s development. Yadea, the world’s leading electric two-wheeler brand, will participate in ASIABIKE JAKARTA 2024 from April 30th to May 4th. They will showcase locally developed and user-centric models, engaging in discussions about the green future of Indonesian transportation and providing sustainable travel solutions for locals.

With a portfolio of over 1900 filed patents, Yadea has achieved significant technological progress, notably in battery technology. A highlight of their showcase at the exhibition is the Yadea TTFAR graphene battery, renowned for its 30% capacity increase over standard lead-acid batteries of similar size. Moreover, it boasts an extended lifespan of 1,000 charge cycles—three times longer than conventional batteries. It also integrates anti-freeze electrolytes and temperature-resistant housing, ensuring stable performance even in extreme temperatures ranging from -20℃ to 55℃ during charging and discharging.

Another distinctive feature of the Yadea TTFAR graphene battery is its 2-year warranty. Within this period or up to a 20,000km range, if the overall capacity of the battery drops below 60%, a replacement with a brand-new battery is available.

Yadea TTFAR graphene battery powers the three main exhibited Yadea models: GT30, GQ9-D, and GC10, offering ranges of 60-70km on a single charge, as per the WMTC professional test cycle. Furthermore, in line with a user-centric approach and to accommodate tropical hot and humid weather conditions, all of these models have undergone key component upgrades to guarantee waterproofing and rust resistance.

Yadea GT30, GQ9-D, and GC10 are all developed and manufactured in Yadea’s local intelligent factory in Indonesia. On March 14th, 2024, the Yadea Indonesia intelligent factory in Cikarang, Bekasi, officially commenced operations, marking the establishment of Yadea’s second Southeast Asia production base in Indonesia. According to insider information, the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Indonesian intelligent production base is scheduled for later this year, with the construction site already secured. Investment in factories in Indonesia reflects Yadea’s commitment to the local community, aiming to provide the best products tailored to local needs.

During ASIABIKE at Hall A1, Booth A56 in JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta, Indonesia, Yadea will be showcased, inviting dealers and partners to seize the opportunity and explore collaborative possibilities shaping the future of transportation.


Source : Yadea Unveils Green Innovation at ASIABIKE 2024: Showcasing Sustainable Solutions for Indonesia's Electric Mobility Future

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