InnoTherapy CEO Mr. Ho Chang Sun (next to Mr. Joon Kim) and SCL spokesperson and AhealthZ Co. CEO Mr. Joon Yun Kim (Middle), arrived in Taiwan to finalize the strategic investment agreement, and H2U team include CEO Saxon Chen, COO Larry Du and CFO Shine Chiu.

H2U platform enters the South Korean healthcare sector, driving AI-powered data analytics to expand their digital health offerings

TAIPEI, Nov. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — H2U, Taiwan’s premier digital health brand, proudly announced another successful round of funding this year after receiving recognition from South Korean medical laboratory powerhouse SCL (Seoul Clinical Laboratories). The partnership is solidified through a strategic investment from InnoTherapy Inc. (KOSDAQ: 246960), an affiliated company under the SCL Group.

InnoTherapy CEO Mr. Ho Chang Sun (next to Mr. Joon Kim) and SCL spokesperson and AhealthZ Co. CEO Mr. Joon Yun Kim (Middle), arrived in Taiwan to finalize the strategic investment agreement, and H2U team include CEO Saxon Chen, COO Larry Du and CFO Shine Chiu.

Representatives from South Korea, including InnoTherapy CEO Mr. Ho Chang Sun and SCL spokesperson and AhealthZ Co. CEO Mr. Joon Yun Kim, arrived in Taiwan to finalize the strategic investment agreement ahead of the official signing ceremony on November 8th. Under the agreement, InnoTherapy and H2U will provide healthcare services and products, and data platform development for corporate and individual healthcare management. AhealthZ and H2U will jointly import and export medical devices, reagents, and other SCL Group products, along with H2U’s nutritional, sports, and women’s care consumer goods.

The collaboration will see the partners assist H2U in introducing the H2U eXamine health assessment platform and the H2U pano personal digital health platform to the Korean healthcare industry while promoting their adoption within the SCL Group’s health examination facilities. In turn, H2U will support SCL in bringing outstanding Korean medical testing technology to Taiwan.

An SCL representative stated, "We plan to develop Korean digital healthcare services and platforms using H2U’s proven capabilities in Taiwan," adding, "We also intend to develop artificial intelligence (AI) technology through the accumulation of data from both parties."

The SCL Group was initially established as the Hanaro Medical Foundation 40 years ago and was South Korea’s pioneering health examination institution. They also established the country’s first clinical diagnostic laboratory. Today, SCL’s services span 4,500 medical clinics around Korea, providing health checkups to 300,000 people annually. With an impressive database of 49 million specimen records, they boast the largest data volume in Korea, helping to analyze and deliver health assessments to users.

Under the SCL Group, InnoTherapy specializes in digital health research and advancing professional medical services, such as AI solutions (digital pathology/imaging diagnosis), personalized digital health management platforms, and remote treatment platforms. These align perfectly with H2U’s Taiwan-based digital health ecosystem.

"With over two million users each year, our H2U eXamine system commands a 70% market share of Taiwan’s health examination data. Hundreds of companies have adopted our H2U eXpert corporate health services. Using our AI-powered tech engine, we deliver insightful data, accurate health analysis information, and impactful health guidance for businesses and individuals," said Saxon Chen, CEO of H2U.

Articulating his vision of the partnership, Saxon said, "Our holistic approach resonated with the Korean partners and sparked their strategic investments. Our platform forges a link with the Korean healthcare market, introducing digital health solutions through a seamless data-insight-service-data loop."

"Looking ahead, we shall broaden and strengthen our international presence via strategic partnerships and utilizing SCL’s expansive footprints in Southeast and Northeast Asia. This includes diagnostic tests and health exam facilities in Indonesia and Mongolia," Saxon added.

H2U’s most significant milestone this year is the integration of its six primary platforms. Data from over three million members in Everyday Health, Sports Note, iFit, H2U eXamine, and H2U eXpert are integrated into the H2U pano holistic health platform. The driving force of this endeavor is the ambition to dismantle data silos and offer all-round personalized health solutions using AI and technology. By embracing lifestyle medicine, H2U aspires to boost Taiwan’s health and wellness quotient through preventive care measures. H2U is planning entry into Taiwan’s capital market in the upcoming year with the vision of becoming Asia’s leading digital health unicorn.

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A Foxconn Group spin-off established in 2013, H2U is on a mission to harness technology and enhance public health, prolong healthy lifespans, and improve the overall quality of life. In 2023, the British Chamber of Commerce in Taipei (BCCT) acknowledged H2U’s remarkable efforts with the Innovation for Wellbeing Award.

Source : H2U Secures Strategic Investment from InnoTherapy as Recognition from Seoul Clinical Laboratories (SCL)

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