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SHANGHAI, April 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Officials from Shanghai Chongming District Government joined representatives from the leading toy and game company Hasbro and Max-Matching Entertainments Co., Ltd for a launch ceremony on April 24 to announce the construction of world’s largest stand-alone PEPPA PIG outdoor theme park in Asia. With an investment of over 2.4 billion Chinese Yuan (331 million US Dollars), Max-Matching Entertainments has signed on as its strategic long-term local partner.

Shanghai PEPPA PIG Outdoor Theme Park
Shanghai PEPPA PIG Outdoor Theme Park

Slated to open in 2027, it will become Hasbro’s first PEPPA PIG outdoor theme park in Asia. The mega-theme park will cover approximately 48 acres in China’s third largest island Changxing Island in Chongming, Shanghai, which is 91km north, or an hour and a half drive from Shanghai city center.

Changxing Island is a key island for sight-seeing and tourism. The PEPPA PIG outdoor theme park will be its first global IP themed entertainment offering. Cai Xiaofei, Deputy Director at Changxing Island Administrative Committee said: "The PEPPA PIG outdoor theme park will further enhance Shanghai as a global tourism destination and propel its economy. The greater footfall will lead to more exposure for Changxing island, Chongming, Shanghai and benefit overall infrastructure and connectivity. We believe this theme park can serve as a flagship attraction for the island, helping to establish its own unique brand identity and will have a positive long-term effect to promote the island’s reputation. We are excited to witness PEPPA PIG Outdoor Theme Park landing in Changxing Island. This project will further boost the construction of Changxing Island as a unique and key island for sight-seeing and tourism."

The project will feature PEPPA PIG, which has gained strong momentum in China since it first aired in the region in 2015 with over 10 billion views and wide range of products available across major Chinese retailers.

"Construction of the PEPPA PIG outdoor theme park in Changxing Island in Chongming marks a significant milestone for Hasbro in China and a natural evolution for the PEPPA PIG brand, reflecting the scale of opportunity in the country and our commitment to developing our business with the support of strategic licensing partner Max-Matching Entertainments in China. We will continue to work closely together to develop more projects in China, including bringing PEPPA PIG outdoor theme parks and memorable live experiences to more cities for Chinese children and families to enjoy," said Matt Proulx, Senior Vice President, Global Experiences, Partnerships and Music at Hasbro.

Speaking at the event, Owen Zhao, President of Max-Matching Entertainments, shared Max-Matching Entertainments is honoured to work with Hasbro in bringing this PEPPA PIG outdoor theme park project to China, and is committed to bringing more quality attractions to visitors in China and across Asia. He revealed that the new PEPPA PIG theme park will boast innovative features, new themed areas, rides, an immersive show, and a themed hotel specifically designed for the China market, especially with its three-generation family in mind. Owen Zhao also added the attraction will be a "must-see" and "must-experience" for millions of families looking to immerse themselves in the magic of Peppa’s expansive world. NEE NELLIE L, CEO of the investment company for the theme park, Shanghai Peiqi Co., Ltd. has also expressed solid confidence on the project: "With the empowerment of all the parties, Shanghai PEPPA PIG outdoor theme park is poised to be another landmark for Shanghai. We look forward to meeting our guests in 2027!"



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