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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a significant increase in household debt in Thailand, reaching the highest level in 15 years. A survey conducted by the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce revealed that the pandemic’s impact on the economy and employment has worsened household debt. On average, a Thai household now has a debt of 559,408 baht, with 80.2% attributed to formal lending and 19.8% to informal lending. Many people have resorted to borrowing to make ends meet, leading to an 11.5% growth in household debt this year. This trend is expected to peak next year as economic conditions remain uncertain. However, it is anticipated that the debt level will decrease within five years as the overall economic situation improves. To address the issue, suggestions include offering low-interest loan sources, providing debt management education, and implementing stricter borrowing criteria.

Source link : Thailand’s household debt level hits 15 years high by Aishwarya Gupta

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