Bangkok ranks 11th in Asia’s top millennial-friendly cities

Many young people are willing to move abroad in order to pursue personal and career opportunities. In fact, the World Economic Forum found that four out of five millennials would be willing to relocate internationally for work.

This made us wonder which cities in Asia might be great fits for millennials. To obtain some answers, ValueChampion conducted a wide ranging data analysis for 20 of the region’s most notable cities (see table) in order to help narrow down the best options for young people.

Among the study highlights: Despite ranking second for employment prospects, Bangkok placed 11th overall as its scores for cost of living and quality of life were poor.

Singapore’s robust economy makes it a great place for young people to find jobs with startups and other employers.

After adjusting for per capita GDP, the cost of living is the lowest in Seoul and Guangzhou where entertainment and rent are relatively inexpensive. Singapore and Melbourne topped the list for high quality of life due to low pollution, strong health indicators and high levels of safety.

Categories Used for Ranking Cities

Our analysis incorporated a wide variety of data in order to best characterise each city’s appeal for young people. We categorised this data into three groups: employment prospects, cost of living and quality of life. We then ranked cities based on these factors.

Overall Rank Country Employment Prospects Cost of Living Quality of Life
1 Singapore 1 7 1
2 Tokyo 5 6 5
3 Hong Kong 2 9 6
4 Guangzhou 7 1 11
5 Melbourne 18 3 2
6 Taipei 12 4 8
7 (tie) Seoul 17 1 7
7 (tie) Shenzhen 8 8 9
9 Sydney 18 4 4
10 Auckland 16 9 3
11 Bangkok 2 12 15
12 (tie) Beijing 8 11 13
12 (tie) Shanghai 8 14 10
14 (tie) Kuala Lumpur 6 13 16
14 (tie) Ho Chi Minh City 4 14 17
16 Manila 7 16 14
17 (tie) Jakarta 20 17 12
17 (tie) Bangalore 13 18 18
19 (tie) Mumbai 13 20 19
19 (tie) New Delhi 13 19 20

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